We Hate Pop Country’s “4 Extremely Badass Albums That You Definitely Need To Own”


Tanya Montana Coe – “Silver Bullet”

“Did you know that David Allan Coe has a daughter? Well, he does – and she kicks ass. Her debut album “Silver Bullet” was released last year, and needs to be heard by the masses. It has a psychedelic feel to it, with some pop aspects, mixed with a country attitude. People say that we hate everything unless it sounds like Hank Williams, which is completely untrue. We love genuine, authentic music, and that’s exactly what this album is made of. It’s sassy, truthful, and even has a song about DAC on it! What more could you ask for? Get this album now by simply visiting herwebsite, and iTunes!”

I really appreciate the folks at We Hate Pop Country for including my album in this feature. See the full article here and check out the other three artists/albums including my friend, Margo Price, who sang backup on “Silver Bullet” 🙂


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