Rebel Heart: The Tanya Montana Coe Interview by Tyler Mahan Coe

Tanya Montana Coe is my little sister. We have the same parents, initials and matching wrist tattoos. It’s adorable. Tanya has recently completed her debut album (produced by Shane Tutmarc) and, no surprises, it’s amazing. Titled Silver Bullet, it is easily the best collection of songs released by someone named Coe since the mid-’80s. Knowing first-hand the property tax on that name, I couldn’t be more proud of her for making this album.

Now, you might look at Tanya: daughter of David Allan Coe, born & rooted in Nashville, TN, where she’s owner-operator of Goodbuy Girls, an internationally famous clothing boutique featuring a literal wall of cowboy boots for sale… and assume she makes Country Music. You’d be wrong. As this isn’t an album review, I’m thankfully spared the task of summing up Silver Bullet in a tidy menu for you to digest. But, I don’t know, imagine if Hope Sandoval fronted a Spiritualized as equally influenced by BeyoncĂ© & No Limit Records as by Delta Blues & Gospel Soul? Which isn’t to say Tanya never would or indeed won’t ever make “Country” Music. Because, after watching the official music video for the title track, “Silver Bullet,” and reading the interview below, it’s pretty clear she’ll do whatever she decides she wants to do.

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