NO COUNTRY Exclusive Video Premiere for New Single “Electric Blue”

Thanks to No Country for New Nashville for the exclusive premiere of my new music video!

“Electric Blue,” to me, is a song about believing in yourself and looking forward to the future. I had been in a little bit of a creative rut after the release of my debut album, Silver Bullet, not really knowing what to do next musically if anything at all. Even after writing and recording an album that I am extremely proud of and playing some great shows with lots of positive feedback, I didn’t consider myself an artist, I didn’t believe in myself in that department. I constantly compared myself to other artists and musicians and thought, ‘I’m not as skilled as them, I can’t be all in like them, maybe I don’t deserve to call myself an artist,’ and maybe I don’t, but what I do know is that at the height of these feelings one sunny day last summer, I was outside painting my nails metallic blue and this song (melody and lyrics) literally just showed up in my mind and I started singing it and immediately got that rush of adrenalin that happens when your creative juices are flowing and at that moment, I knew I was back. For the video, I wanted a slow dreamy abstract psychedelic mind trip vibe and I had seen Labrys Light Shows live before and knew that Kari Leigh Ames could provide the perfect backdrops. My longtime friend and collaborator Brianne O’Neill of Black Moon Mother agreed to be in it with me, we dressed like twins in all white so the projections would show up and we just had fun with it! Shane Tutmarc was the best person to direct and edit it because he knows my artistic vision more than anyone else and I trust him completely.”

CLICK HERE to “Watch the dreamy, ethereal new video for Tanya Montana Coe’s “Electric Blue” right now”

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