New Single “Damned” Out Now


On “Damned,” Tanya Montana Coe’s second single from her upcoming sophomore full-length, she combines the rich tapestry of her southern roots with modern hip hop 808 beats. Teaming again with Solar Twin’s Shane Tutmarc as producer and co-writer, Coe brings the fire and brimstone from her religious upbringing together with her natural leaning towards hip hop and R&B, which was hinted at on her debut album, Silver Bullet, but never as up-front and in-your-face. The single features Odessa Rose Jorgensen (Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, Karen Elson, Conor Oberst) on harmonies and the Appalachian-inspired fiddle. Tanya also brought in friend Lalie Kavulich, along with Tutmarc, to round out the haunting southern gospel choir. Coe has created an intoxicating musical experience with surprises at every turn.


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