New Album “Hide Your Emotion” Available Now

“I wasnʼt born with a silver spoon / Hard luck, itʼs nothing new” sings Tanya Montana Coe in the opening lines of the title track of her new album, Hide Your Emotion. As the daughter of infamous outlaw country legend, David Allan Coe, it would be easy to assume that Tanya has lived a charmed life, but in reality, she was raised by a struggling single mother of four and was forced to grow up fast. Only after Tanya had worked her way through college and into a lucrative career in financial accounting software, was she able to stop and take a moment to ask herself how she was feeling. After hiding her emotions for so many years, it hit her like a ton of bricks and ultimately led to her writing her own songs.

It wasn’t long before her songs reached Todd Snider who produced her early demos, and prominently featured Coe in his 2013 film “East Nashville Tonight.” By early 2014, Tanya was in the studio where Jack White produced Loretta Lynnʼs Grammy-winning, Van Lear Rose. Snider handed the production reins over to producer/multi-instrumentalist Shane Tutmarc who had been helping Tanya polish up the songs that became her debut album, Silver Bullet. With the help of a handful of friends, including Margo Price on backup vocals just a few months shy of her Third Man Records signing, Silver Bullet was ready to be heard. Tanyaʼs older brother, Tyler Mahan Coe, who is now shaking up the podcast world as the host of chart topping Cocaine and Rhinestones, released the album on his indie label, Thee Medea Complex, just before his podcast got off the ground.

In support of Silver Bullet, Coe shared bills with artists such as Julie Roberts, Jamey Johnson and fellow second generation outlaw Shooter Jennings, who also spun the album on his Sirius XM Electric Rodeo show. The album received radio play on Nashville’s Lightning 100 and Seattle’s influential KEXP, all while garnering hundreds of thousands of streams through prominent playlists on Spotify. Silver Bullet received accolades from music critics nationally and internationally upon its release and Tanya went on to perform music festivals around the mid-west and south. Despite all this good attention, Tanya was unsure if a career in music was for her.

All through this Tanya was also running Goodbuy Girls, a popular womenʼs boutique in the heart of East Nashville that she opened in 2010, and for the next couple years wondered if sheʼd make another record. Relocating to quiet Hendersonville, TN in Spring of 2017, with long-time companion and musical partner, Shane Tutmarc, they put a home studio together and slowly began woodshedding songs. In mid-2018, Coe released a pair of singles, Electric Blue and Damned, as a stop gap between records to let her followers know what she was cooking up.

With Hide Your Emotion, Coe has taken her song craft to new heights. It is a bold collection of songs, spanning multiple genres from folk and country to electronic- laced pop, but with an authenticity that the music world desperately needs. Songs such as Electric Blue and What Makes It Go Away spotlight Tanyaʼs love for cinematic pop-noir with heavy beats and dreamy guitars, while songs like Hometown and All Fucked Up, reveal that she hasnʼt lost any of her twang. Songs full of depth, but also full of melodic hooks, and ear candy that help these world-weary lyrics go down easy.


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