Nashville Scene Music Video Premiere “Crazy Over Love”

“Sometimes, when things aren’t going well, the last thing you want is someone asking how you’re doing — or even worse, telling you to cheer up. That particular kind of salt in the wound runs throughout “Crazy Over Love,” a melancholy tune in which Tanya Montana Coe, daughter of outlaw country cult hero David Allan Coe, looks back over her shoulder at a relationship she’d rather forget.”

So excited for y’all to check out my new video for “Crazy Over Love”  This is the only song on the album that I play guitar on because it wasn’t recorded in the studio. We ended up using the voice memo that I recorded on my phone the night I wrote it. Special thanks to theNashville Scene Nashville Cream for the premiere, Shane Tutmarc for filming and editing, the American Legion Post 82 and all our friends fromHonkyTonk Tuesday Nights!

Click Here to View the Nashville Scene Premiere

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