“Yes, Tanya is the daughter of legendary outlaw country singer David Allan Coe. A noteworthy artist in his own right, he also wrote career-defining #1 hit songs for both Tanya Tucker and Johnny Paycheck. (You can look them up.) I say all this only so you don’t think that her name is a take-off on that Miley Cyrus TV character. Dad wrote about naming his daughter in the song “Tanya Montana.” Tanya was an obvious nod to Ms. Tucker, and the middle name had to do with her eyes that were “as blue as the skies of Montana.”

All her life, Tanya Montana Coe has been quite determined to succeed and is not afraid to take chances through change. After working her way through an Accounting Degree at MTSU, she eventually left a comfy corporate job to open the way cool Goodbuy Girls clothing shop in East Nashville that she still runs today.

Making music was next. Starting her career later in life, it was not until 2015 when she released her debut record “Silver Bullet” which she put together with the help of our friend and her boyfriend, Shane Tutmarc (aka Solar Twin).  Performance-wise she done a few stints as an opener for some country artists in addition to her own shows at the local clubs.

Layering a smooth ethereal pop sound over songs rooted in country, Tanya is making music that is catching a lot of attention. The new single “Electric Blue” is a real ear-grabber and Tanya is high on my list of artists to watch out for in 2018. It’s a treat to have her sit down to take hold of our 11 Questions.”

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