Goin’ Goin’ Gone Single Available Now

Had the pleasure of singing backup on this song for Seattle native, Nashville based Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Multi-Instrumentalist, Shane Tutmarc.


Goin’ Goin’ Gone is the seventh release of his year long monthly single series.

Shane told Groundsounds,“In keeping with the variety of this singles series, I wanted a song that was more stripped down than any of the others, and ‘Goin’ Goin’ Gone’ felt like the right song to do this with.  It’s a very simple, Hank Williams-esque country folk tune.  It’s the kind of song that wouldn’t necessarily fit an album if I was making a traditional full-length of 10 songs that needed to make sense together, but it makes perfect sense with this singles series where I’m able to go in a different direction with each song.”

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