Essentially Pop

“‘Silver Bullet’ will be released online on 30 August, with a limited run on pink vinyl. It’s been recorded in the same “secret” studio where Jack White produced Loretta Lynn’s 2004 album, ‘Van Lear Rose’. For a debut album, it’s a great one – with Soul and Americana influences – even 90s Hip Hop and […]

Modern Folk Music of America

“Silver Bullet, the title track from tanya’s debut album, is a noir/americana slow burner, hot like a dark summer night loaded down with humidity and the potential for bad news. this atmosphere is built out of shards of distorted guitars and a stalking back beat. it’s not a country song but tanya adds a nashville […]

The Girls Are Magazine Music Round-Up

“The progeny of Outlaw Country legend, David Allan Coe – Tanya is no stranger to growing up in a musical household. ‘Silver Bullet’ is the first single from her LP which was recorded in the “secret studio” where Jack White produced Loretta Lynn’s 2004 album Van Lear Rose. While the singer apes moments of Mazzy Star and Ryan […]

Jeffro’s Dirty Dozen: Q & A

Some bad boys do great things! Tanya is living proof of that. She’s got style, class and great talent and she learned all that from her mama! She comes with a hell of a name but sings like a heavenly haunted siren calling you to her surrender. David said that they never even called him […]