Tanya’s backstory is as close as you can get to the recipe for how to create an indie-Country/Americana sensation – born in Nashville (a real native), daughter of the infamous David Allan Coe and owner/operator of trendsetting Goodbuy Girls clothing store – except the music on her first album, Silver Bullet, is anything but Country.


Raised by a single mother, helping to raise her younger siblings, motivated by a constant state of concern over financial security, Tanya worked service industry jobs to pay her way through an MTSU Accounting B.A., only to end up with a lucrative corporate gig that more often than not found Tanya holed up in her cubicle, pretending to work while writing down what would become the lyrics to the songs on Silver Bullet. After much soul-searching, Tanya decided to roll the dice, leaving behind the stability of that desk job and opening Goodbuy Girls with her best friend. Having received international publicity for its one-of-a-kind aesthetic (and the wall of cowboy boots), against all odds, Goodbuy Girls has been running strong for six years.


Although Tanya has always been a writer, she didn’t pick up a guitar until her early 20s. The first song she learned was Neil Young’s Cortez the Killer, followed by some Blues standards and Country classics. As soon as she had the “cowboy chords” down, Tanya was writing her own songs, the first one being the title track Silver Bullet. Over the course of a few years and several attempts to develop her sound with various producers and co-writers later, she eventually found the right collaborator in Seattle-native songwriter/producer, Shane Tutmarc.  With the help of multi-instrumentalist Tutmarc, Tanya was able to flesh out her vision of combining her Country and Blues roots with Ethereal Pop and a touch of R&B.  Coe spent six months recording Silver Bullet in the same East Nashville studio where Jack White produced Loretta Lynn’s 2004 Grammy-winning LP, Van Lear Rose.


Silver Bullet finds the 28-year old putting a distinctly personal spin on universal themes like love, loss, conflict, family and desire.  Silver Bullet is heavy with references to hard lessons learned from an unconventional childhood, relationships gone wrong, and her spiritual journey.  Her vocals are breathy and smooth, at times tinged with back-of-the-throat resonance. She is making up for lost time with the honesty and scope of her music, as Tanya recently told the 5280 Roots Review, “my songs are the first and only creative and emotional outlet I’ve ever had so holding back just isn’t an option, these songs are coming out the way they want to come out whether I like it or not.” All in all, it’s an impressive debut (and statement) from a young woman whose chosen to remain true to her own vision for her life, work & art.


Since completing Silver Bullet in late 2014, Tanya has been developing a strong live show, opening for artists such as Shooter Jennings and Jamey Johnson, as well as, headlining gigs around Nashville and the regional South.

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